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[wpanchor id=”keyduplicating”]We are a family run business opening doors for people 24 hours day in the St Cloud area for over 20 years.  When your in an emergency situation call us we got you covered!  Whether that’s: keys locked in your car, home invasion, broken key, key extraction, transponder key replication or chip key duplication.  We are trained in it all!  Most people will only call us for the emergencies, but whether it’s making locks or breaking locks we take your security as seriously as you do!  Call us today (763) 498 9127


  laser cutting & programming a transponder key for a customer Making an old school key on a vice in the garage St Cloud Locksmith


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Most dead bolts, tumblers, levers and various other lockset issues can be corrected before its too late.  Most times the culprit is a poorly fit door, or a door that has shifted as the foundation of a house settled in.  Another major culprit in lock malfunction is simply dirt & grime.  Yes, cleaning your locks is actually thing.  This means go to your local hardware store and pick up a can of liquid graphite.  Below is a video  step by step of how to DIY lock maintenance.  Definitely worth a try, but if the problem persists give us a call and we’ll be right out to fix your problem.


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St Cloud Locksmith

From auto lockouts to lock education we’ve got the experience! To learn more about levers locks, tumblers, auxiliary locks, digital locks, or even preventative maintenance if you would like more information on lock making 

24 Hour Towing & Impound Service.

Everyone locks their keys in the car at least once, and its never a convenient time.  If you’d like to know more about our 24 hour auto lockout 

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We do Key Making too so come on down and let us make you a spare!!!

Not everyone is aware that most break ins go undetected.    Remember that contractor you gave a key to last year?  Babysitter that went away to college.  Your friend that held onto your emergency key.  What about that maid that moved away 3 years ago?  Just moved into a rental unit? How many people lived there before you, and how many duplicate keys are out there to your front door?   Need more information on our  door lock re-key or repairing service St Cloud Locksmith.

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