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Locksmith St Cloud MN

When you lock your keys in your car……CALL US 763 498 9127

When you need to replace the locks in your house or re-key old ones……CALL US 763 498 9127

When the dealership’s too expensive to make a duplicate key……CALL US 763 498 9127

When you lost your keys camping & need to go to the office……..CALL US 763 498 9127

When you can’t remember the combo to the gun safe……CALL US 763 498 9127

When you don’t feel safe……..CALL US 763 498 9127

When your googling locksmith’s its because your in a jam.  Lets us be that reliable friend with that special skill you need to get you back to your day.  We’ll open any lock you have 24 hours a day at your home, office or auto!!

  guy using a coat hanger to unlock his car woman staring at keys locked in her house Professional cracking into a safe Rekeying a deadbolt in a residential home


Locksmith St Cloud MN

We are a local locksmith company that specializes in emergency situations so that we can help you on or off site with auto lock out, re-keying, repairing or replacing your existing locks! We open doors every day 24 hours a day for people, and we are just a phone call away from adding you to the family we’ve been protecting for almost 20 years!!!  Quality, speed & honesty are our core business models, and after being in business for almost 20 years we take customer satisfaction to heart!  We are the brother that never sleeps, the father that will come to your rescue no matter the time of day, and the mother that worries herself sick to make you safe!!  Just give us a call (763) 498 9127 and we’ll come to the rescue!


Whether its the middle of the night?  Snowing?  Or one of those amazing springtime thunderstorms Locksmith St Cloud MN is here for you!! Whether you need to get back into your car, residential door service or re-secure your business we got you covered with highly trained professionals that take your security as serious as you do!!!  We’ve been securing the St Cloud & surrounding areas for almost 2 decades, and rescuing thousands of college students  from accidental auto lock outs annually.  We’re honest, swift, efficient, affordable & we don’t damage anything GUARANTEED!!!!

Locksmith St Cloud MN



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From auto lockouts to lock education we got you covered! To learn more about levers locks, tumblers, auxiliary locks, digital locks, or even preventative maintenance if you would like more information CLICK HERE 

Everyone locks their keys in the car at least once, and its never a convenient time.  If you like to know more about our 24 hour auto lockout 

Lost your keys, or trying to be proactive and need duplicates check we do Key Making too!

Did you know that most break ins to the home are never detected?    Remember that contractor you gave a key to last year?  Babysitter that went away to college.  Your friend that held onto your emergency key.  What about that maid that moved away 3 years ago?  Just moved into a rental unit? How many people lived there before you, and how many duplicate keys are out there to your front door?   Need more information on our  door lock re-key or repairing service CLICK HERE

 Not sure what a locksmith is CLICK HERE